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you shake your fist, just stop pretending now. [23 Nov 2004|09:23pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

almost new year. so i made a new journal. with a new layout thanks to ____exoh

you can find my updates there.

everthing you'll get is everything that you wanted princesz

[17 Nov 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

so saturday night i had to close with sean. i havent seen him forever. and like the first thing he says to me is "remember when we were in 3rd grade and i was in-love with you" i was like yeahhhh haha. i remember he wanted to kiss me but i was afraid cause his mom was in the house. haha. sooo dumb.. but yeah so we closed got out at 10:15ish so i got to cats around 10:30. met her friend brooke. soooo pretty. friday were going to brookes and getting crunk. and sleepin overrrr. so excited. her firneds are ALMOST as fucking sweet nigga nigga ness as mine. almost. because i <3333 my girls.

so yeah. we drank. smoked. went to bed. i didnt go to bed till 2:30...i had to wake up at 6:00. worked 7-1. i hate dunkins. officially. im going to try and get a job at shaws. even though its gay. i can still work the same hours. for the same amount of money. just not go home smelling like a trash can. super.

so then me and my mom went to the mall. she bought me a cute hat. and we planned to go back friday so i could buy the coat i really want in Hollister and buy some other things. then we went out to dinner cause i was starving. then i came home. showered. and went to bed.

monday i hung out with heatha and erin. went to the mall. me and erin were pissed cause we had no money. i bought the sunglasses my mom hated. haha. then i came home and went to bed.

tuesday. went with erin to my work so she could fill out an app. then we went to the bank. then to DQ. picked up her sister. went to her house. went and visited pat. erins like "im going to have a word with these girls that wont let you guys hang out" "and when im done" (shaking her fist) "they wont mess with you any more" okay i love her. really. shes too cute for words. <33
then we went back to her house. took pictures and did a fashion show. were so quare. im going to post pictures from a half a day from a while ago tomorrow i think. who knows.

so then today i made plans with my SEXY BYOTCH kitty. went with erin and made a cd for her and heatha. went to the bank. then we dropped it off. then we left. and i left to pick up cat. we went to her voice lesson. then headed to the mall. it was too much fun. first we went to the bathroom. then i bought some eye shadow at silla. its so pretty. i talked to the girl for a while. then we went to look at the puppys. like 10 people asked what happened to my knee. some guy said he did gymnastics too. what a flirt. so then we went to hollister. i bought a cute shirt and some pj pants. then pac sun. cat boughta skirt. it twas very cute. trey bian. then we walked by this guy. and he had such a hot accent. hes like "we like your glasses" i was like thanks. he wanted me to buy some video game thing. im like sorry so cats like "ill tell my bro" (i was like did he just say we like your glasses. cats like i dont think he could speak much english) so then we went upstairs to american eagle. she was going to buy these pj shorts but the lady infront of us was taking forever. so shes like im just going to buy em friday. so we left. went to victoria secrets realized the thing from hollister were still on my pj pants. cat bought underwear. then we left. went downstairs to hollister. got it taken off. walked by the guy again. hes like "OHH let me try your glasses on" and his friend came over. and hes like "your friend have good style senese" i was like thanks. hes like "hope your knee feels better" i want a guy with an accent. cause they sound so stupid that its actually very hot. so anyways. we left. and out of the corner of my eye i could see this kid run up behind me and i turn around and cat turned around cause she thought it was sketchy and it was NATE. how many times do we run into this kid. he was with some kid eric. i talked to him about chucks show. and he didnt even know. sat. or sun.
i would like to go since he wrote a song about me and all. i hope its sunday. cause i would really love to go. i dunno. i told nate to talk to him for me.
so me and cat stopped and got food. and we tlalked. some sketch dude parked next to us. so we locked the doors non-chalantly or w.e that word is. and put up the windows.then i dropped her off. and i came home...

so yeah. im going to bed soon. thought an update was necc.

two words. YOUR FAT=)


Scott Tenorman12 (10:02:07 PM): wanna hear so fucked up shit about a knife i might buy
Scott Tenorman12 (10:02:19 PM): Can not be shipped to CA or MA
These knives are made of a super strong nylon composite that is almost as hard as steel. They can be driven through plywood like a nail. They are completely undetectable when passing through metal detectors.
CUTE wlthx the e (10:02:43 PM): omg
Scott Tenorman12 (10:02:55 PM): yea no shit
Scott Tenorman12 (10:02:59 PM): its illegal in ma
Scott Tenorman12 (10:03:20 PM): I am at this site where the scaryest knives are like 2 bucks
CUTE wlthx the e (10:03:50 PM): omfg. im scared. of the outside world
CUTE wlthx the e (10:03:51 PM): i mean
CUTE wlthx the e (10:04:02 PM): think about crazy people who purchase these lies
Scott Tenorman12 (10:04:41 PM): no shit especially the nylon fiber knives that cant be detected
Scott Tenorman12 (10:04:51 PM): they are sharper than steel
CUTE wlthx the e (10:05:52 PM): that is some crazy ass shit
CUTE wlthx the e (10:05:57 PM): thats why i wont go into haunted houses
CUTE wlthx the e (10:06:02 PM): what if someones not in there to have fun
CUTE wlthx the e (10:06:05 PM): there in there to kill
Scott Tenorman12 (10:06:18 PM): yea i might buy this knife it is doble sided and illegal
CUTE wlthx the e (10:06:19 PM): people would just think it was part of the haunted house-ness. and your lying there dying
Scott Tenorman12 (10:06:23 PM): yea
CUTE wlthx the e (10:07:01 PM): seriously. im scared
Scott Tenorman12 (10:07:12 PM): me 2
Scott Tenorman12 (10:10:29 PM): Can not be shipped to CA or MA
These are high quality double edge knives that are priced extremely low. Don't let the price fool you; the only reason they are this cheap is because of J & L buying power! When you get one of these in your hand, you will be quite impressed with the quality for dollars spent

ummm so yeah the world should be shocked and amazed.

everything that you wanted princesz

[14 Nov 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Gretchen: [Reading from the Burn Book] Trang Pak is a grotsky, little byotch.
Regina: Still true.
Gretchen: Dawn Schweitzer is a fat virgin.
Regina: Still half-true.
Karen: Amber D'Alessio . She made out with a hot dog.
Gretchen: Janis Ian-DYKE.
Karen: [pointing to Damien in background of picture] Hey, who is that?
Gretchen: I think it's that kid, Damien.
Cady: Yeah, he's almost too gay to function.
Regina: Ha! That's funny, put that in there.


Gretchen: Regina, we have to talk to you.
Regina: Is butter a carb?
Cady: [Rudely] YES.
Gretchen: Regina, you're wearing sweatpants. It's Monday.
Regina: So...?
Karen: So that's against the rules, and you can't sit with us.
Regina: Whatever. Those rules aren't real.
Karen: They were real that day I wore a vest!
Regina: Because that vest was disgusting!
Gretchen: You can't sit with us!
Regina: [pause] These sweatpants are all that fits me right now.
Regina: [after being ignored] Fine! You can walk home, bitches.

that is so me cat jen and brooke.

ill make a larger update lattaaahh

everything that you wanted princesz

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